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Pre-Configured iCap settings for Celestron NexImage 5

How-to July 27, 2018

Below I explain how you, can import pre-configured settings for iCap or IC Capture. Settings are for Celestron NexImage 5 Camera only.

Credit to wwgeb on YouTube for sharing some settings to start with.

The video guide: TAP [ ] Next to YouTube for full screen

How to Use:

  1. Start up iCap or IC Capture.
  2. Click the Celestron NexImage 5 camera.
  3. After iCap / IC Capture have been loaded...
  4. Click file, Load Configuration.
  5. Locate where you put the settings folder that is inside the ZIP
  6. And setting for which planet you're gonna image.
  7. Adjust the recording size in the middle should be under near the magnifying glass you will left of the FPS
  8. Adjust the Gain / Exposure.
  9. Click View > Toolbars > pick Device bar / Recording bar / Exposure bar / Show All Video Formats

Download Mirror 1: Here

Download Mirror 2: Here

The settings aren't perfect but should at least gave you a starting point.
The settings are inside a ZIP file you will need either WinZip / WinRAR or 7Zip to open the file up.

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