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Just Star Gazing

Introduction, April 26, 2018

JustStarGazing.com is a personal website I started, The Purpose is to share the universe through my experience, I got into Astronomy back in 2016 when I purchased my Telescope!

WARNING!!! Expect this hobby to possibly become a money pit if you stick with it! The Rabbit hole is hard to get out of.

I Joined a local Astronomy club called the Southwest Florida Astronomical Society, awesome group of people who share the same interest I do, The day I joined the club I had no idea I was gonna end up leaving the night with an Orion Starseeker IV GoTo mount! I was wanting one for a few months and that helped attempt to get me more interested in Astrophotography, Just like a lot of others being curious if I could take my cell phone camera and snap a picture of Saturn and that's how it all started!

The Beginning of my astrophotography!

My First Capture, June 29, 2017

How the very first capture I took looked like with just my cell phone camera, held over the eyepiece!

Just Star Gazing Swag!

The JustStarGazing Merch, Oct 2nd, 2018

My GoFundMe campaign

Pursuing my astrophotography, May 17, 2018

I Setup a GoFundMe campaign to help kickstart my astrophotography passion if you'd like to donate to my campaign click on gofundme green button

My Go Fund Me

Matthew Knight

About Me

I started this website to share the universe through my images, I consider myself Amateur astronomer!

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