Nov 26, 2017 by Matthew

JustStarGazing.com is a personal website I started, The Purpose is to share the universe through my experience, I got into Astronomy back in 2016 when I purchased my Telescope!

WARNING!!! Expect this hobby to possibly become a money pit if you stick with it! The Rabbit hole is hard to get out of.

I Joined a local Astronomy club called the Southwest Florida Astronomical Society, awesome group of people who share the same interest I do, The day I joined the club I had no idea I was gonna end up leaving the night with an Orion Starseeker IV GoTo mount! I was wanting one for a few months and that helped attempt to get me more interested in Astrophotography, Just like a lot of others being curious if I could take my cell phone camera and snap a picture of Saturn and that's how it all started!

The First Capture

Nov 26, 2017 by Matthew

How the very first capture I took looked like with just my cell phone camera, held over the eyepiece!